I am looking to buy equipment for my business

If you need equipment for your business, contact Kennet Equipment Leasing.

We aim to approve finance for you within the hour, wherever possible, meaning that you are then able to choose the best and most appropriate equipment for your business – you do not have to compromise to protect your cash flow.

What type of business leases equipment?

Hairdressers • Fish and Chip Shops • Spas • Garages and MOT Centres • Convenience stores • Dental Surgeries • Post Offices • Taxi and Private Hire • Flooring Contractors • CCTV and Security • Catering and hospitality outlets • Dry cleaners • Golf and Leisure Centres • Local Authorities and Schools.

Whenever a business needs equipment, Kennet can help.

Leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment today. Virtually any item of equipment can be leased from £1,000 upwards. The benefits of leasing with Kennet include:

  • No need to find hefty deposits
  • Tax advantages to leasing
  • Regular lease payments that do not increase, even if interest rates do
  • Settlement of the supplier invoice upon installation/delivery
  • Quick decisions
  • Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts
  • Get the best equipment for your business, not just the cheapest
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