Kennet Innovation

we are investing in technology to help your business to grow

With mobile devices bringing powerful data resources to your pocket we are very aware that Kennet must be at the forefront of any technological advances.

With that in mind we have already developed an app that can sit on the smart phone or tablet that you sales team uses in the field, allowing them to provide accurate leasing figures based on your own pre agreed rates, they can then choose to save the data for later and/or send the request directly to us and their own admin team to complete the deal on the spot. This app can then become a data base for that sales person, providing them with a detailed record of contacts, dates, equipment requests and prices quoted.

Kennet have also created an 'Edoc', something we are justifiably excited about, and something that is genuinely new to the marketplace. Using this system a sales person can accept a proposal from a customer and have the relevant documentation drawn up, approved and signed electronically in less than 30 minutes. Impressive and a benefit to sales.

Kennet are constantly looking at ways to innovate their services, and we are working tirelessly to make our product the very best there is.

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